Zenith Quality Commitment

Zenith’s commitment to quality is underpinned by its Quality Framework which helps describe and uphold Zenith’s quality principles and promotes the application of Zeniths’ Policies, Procedures, Guidelines, Manuals, and Forms in all areas of operation. Through this quality framework, Zenith aims to promote and maintain quality-based processes that are consistent with regulatory and compliance standards and reflect best practices.

Quality Achievement

As a measure of quality achievement, quality is achieved when :

The Quality Objectives are met;

  • Process and practices are consistent in their delivery and are subject to continuous improvement practices;
  • Feedback from students, staff and stakeholders inform the college how well it is meeting their specific needs and how can it continue to improve its services and processes.
  • Each staff member of the college has the responsibility to follow the authorised policies, procedures and associated documents listed in this manual as well as college’s website. Each staff member is responsible for promoting, and maintaining quality and achieving quality outcomes

Quality Policy

Quality Policy defines quality objectives and serves as a general framework for action.

Objectives of the Quality Framework are:

  • To ensure that the college achieves the desired level of quality in all its activities as expected by its internal and external stakeholders ;
  • To ensure that the college maintains compliance with the regulatory requirements to maintain its status as a quality RTO.

As part of its obligations under the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 (Cth) and the ESOS Act as a Registered Training Provider, and in compliance with the VET Quality Framework (VQF),  and The National Code 2018, Zenith undertakes to provide:

  • Quality training and assessment across all of their operations;
  • Management systems that are responsive to the needs of clients, staff, and stakeholders and the environment in which they operate;
  • Flexible, innovative services which are introduced in a systematic and sustainable way;
  • Continuous improvement of training and assessment, client services and management systems, the assessment of which are based on outcomes, access and equity and maximises outcomes for clients.

The Quality and Continuous Improvement Framework at Zenith is developed as an integrated process, in which the college accomplishes its quality outcomes through consistent and effective practices, a quality commitment by all its staff members, internal review, and a constant focus on continuous improvement.